Military Ball

IMG_1101The Commercial Photography Club from the KilleenISD Career Center offers photography services for military units here at Ft. Hood. Our service includes full professional quality background, lighting, and photo capturing of individuals, couples, and groups. Military units can have their images emailed directly to them while at the event, uploaded all images together in a gallery for the unit, or emailed the images the following day by a member of the military unit.





The Commercial Photography program offers event theme backgrounds or standard scenes. Each is based on the military units preference. Set up begins around 1PM the afternoon of the event and is complete at least one hour before the start of the event. Photographing services will be available from the time the event begins until shortly after the end of the formal meal time, this is usually around 9PM.





Several units wish to have photographers available for capturing images outside the venue. Military units stage equipment and vehicles for attendees to stand next to for unique images. Professional lighting and cameras are available for image capture. All images are given to the unit for sending out via email the following day to individuals. Also available is our fully operational open air photobooth. We offer props, backgrounds, multiple photo strips for each photo session.







Students and advisers will be available the day of the event for most of 7-8 hours. The number of students will vary based on the size of the ball and services required. Cost for photo services is based on the number of tickets sold for the event. The Commercial Photography Club charges 50ยข per ticket sold for the event. Printing and editing services for images taken at the event can done after the event at the KilleenISD Career Center.