Student Impressions

With a passion for photography this is the right class for you. If you don’t know much about taking pictures but you find it interesting then take this class. You don’t have to be a professional walking through the doors your first day. When I walked into photography my first day I knew I loved photography but I had no idea how to use my camera without carrying the manual around. This class taught me so much about how to use my camera in so many different ways. I have learned that our eyes are the most valuable things to us, imagine life without sight. Pretty scary, huh? Because of this thought I learned that we should look beyond the obvious. Take a glimpse at the things that you would not normally pay attention to or notice and capture it so others can see the beauty of life. I have no regrets about taking this class. Through the learning experience you will find out what techniques and styles you like and dislike. But the fact that you know how to do what you don’t like is a good thing. If you really love photography and have a passion to learn more take this class. You will learn so much valuable information that you will carry with you throughout your career.

Liz Stallings, Class of 2013
Harker Heights High School


Photography is about having the freedom to be creative; you have the freedom to create practically any picture that you can think of. Photography is more than just picking up a camera and shooting; it about learning to edit the pictures as well as being able to take the pictures. In this class I have learned how to be more creative and how to look at the world in a different perspective.  I think that anyone that is willing to the do the work should join because the feeling you get when you capture the perfect picture is worth it.

Ashley Makuch, Class of 2013
Ellison High School


This class has thought me a lot of different things about photography and different skills. From going to football games to learn about action photography and the process on how to get good lighting and good shots, to inside a class room to learn about different types of lighting, like portraits or writing with light. I’ve been interested in photography for some time now but never really knew much about it besides taking pictures. I’ve learned a lot being part of this class.

Viridiana Arriaga, Class of 2013
Killeen High School


This class teaches you how to paint. The word “photography” means “painting with light,” and in the Photography class, you really learn how to develop creativity and perspective as an artist to be able to convey feelings, emotions, ideas, thoughts, and anything else you would want to in the form of a photo. There are so many techniques, tips, and tricks to learn and appreciate. One of my favorite techniques that I learned was learning how to “see” and “listen with my eyes.” I first heard about this concept in Chris Orwig’s Visual Poetry, a very gripping and thought-provoking book that teaches you the secrets of professional photographers so that you can become an experienced photographer as well. To “see” as a photographer means to dig into the deeper meaning of the world around you, to make an otherwise ordinary scene into something that deserves a “WOW,” and to be as creative as you can with what you have. This class teaches you how to all of that, not only through watching and learning, but also through hands on experience. We actually have the opportunity to go to events, sports games, and other places to hone the skills that we learn in class. Take photography. You won’t regret it.

Mitchel Barrett, Class of 2013
Ellison High School


What I like best about being in Commercial Photography is learning and seeing all the different ways to take pictures and taking pictures of different events and subjects, even if the assignment sounds difficult. Some of the assignments took a lot more time than others but it just depended on what your subject was and having to change the settings during the process. Everybody gets pictures that don’t turn out how we were hoping but there’s also images that put a huge smile on your face and gets you excited to take more pictures. It’s also really nice having a blog that we each created to post our pictures to show our friends and family the kind of pictures we take and how we edit them to look even better.

Mariah Hull, Class of 2013
Ellison High School